Social Media Marketing Strategies


I’m really impressed by some of the new and effective internet marketing strategies that have been coming out lately. On LinkedIn, I saw a post for a sharing widget and decided that it would be cool to add this functionality to the collection of social media buttons on My Site. [directions to install the code].

As long as LinkedIn doesn’t decide to change the API too much, I can have my readers spread the word about my content to all of their contacts on LinkedIn and possibly expand my reach to a targeted market that otherwise I would not be accessible to.

For the CF coders that want to install the LinkedIn code on to BlogCFC, it’s not too hard. There are five URL variables to be updated to share the article submission with your LinkedIn network.

  • 1. The LinkedIn URL
  • 2. The Article URL
  • 3. The Article Title
  • 4. The Article Source
  • 5. The Article Summary

I added the following code to the row of BlogCFC’s social media buttons around line 100 of index.cfm. The content for this area is within div class=”byline”. If you want to add a LinkedIn Icon … the Icons are pretty easy to find.

Oh Yeah … If you liked this article … Don’t forget to share it with your LinkedIn network … :)

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