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Well it’s all in the title folks … I have unrolled the Search Engine Optimization Packages for Florida Search Engine Optimization LLC. I am fairly optimistic that I will get a good response from the array of services that I have introduced.

To recap what went on in the making of the packages, I wanted to categorize the different levels of SEO performance more so than in regards to quality. I sincerely believe that every customer should receive fair services regardless of the amount that they pay. I know of too many questionable SEO companies out there that don’t do anything for customers that don’t pay up the big bucks.
I’m not going to give away the farm here … but, I felt that it was only good business practice to create a diverse group of SEO packages to accommodate the company’s that are seeking to generate some visibility too.

That is the reason that I came up with the I, II, III & 360 campaigns.
There are many Fort Lauderdale, Miami, & West Palm Beach businesses that really don’t have the money for a high performance SEO Product like the SEO Business Elite … or the SEO Business Plus…

I am really interested to see how prospective clients react to these plans …

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