Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research


Last month I performed a presentation at the South Florida Coldfusion Users Group. Since the presentation, I have received some requests from some of the people that attended regarding portions of the videos that I created.

Though I only touched on the subject, the video that I feel is of most importance, is on keyword research. I cannot stress enough, the importance of performing extensive keyword research prior to creating web pages so, I felt that it would be best to show a quick and dirty way to organize search engine optimization keyword research. (Double-Click to launch in You Tube … )

If anyone is interested in seeing some of the other videos that I showed at the presentation, post me a comment and I'll grind out another one of the clips. The other movies are about Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Density, and Building Web Pages for the Search Engines. The last entry, Into the Code, is a bit valuable, so I won't be making that one public … If you want to see Into the Code, send me a request and we can work something out…

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