Optimizing The ColdFusion SEO Blog


I have got to give credit where credit is due. Blog CFC is very cool. Ray Camden and everyone that has participated in the development of this project have built a very powerful blogging platform. Hats off guys.

There are so many features and components that are part of the core install, that I haven't been able to fully get the most out of this platform just yet. From what I have seen from peeking under the hood of the blog's files, is that there has been a lot of attention given to make the platform search engine friendly and at the same time offer the extensibility of RSS, XML, and yet remain as a dynamically driven blog.

Very soon, I am going to spend some time really getting to know just how much I can optimize this blog for the search engines. This should be a very interesting challenge, and I love a good challenge. Till next time …

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