Google Cracks Down on AdWords Scams


Have you seen the “Make Money on Google” advertisements in Google? If not, your’e really not missing out … Most of the ads you’ll find for “Make Money” are worthless, nevertheless … many people are taken in by the lure of easy money, and apperently Google, is not too happy about people being ripped off by the worthless ads and has decided to crack down on the fraud … Though most people have enough sense to take the ads at face value … there are many that may believe that the ads are legitimate based solely on the misconception that if it’s seen on the front page of Google, there may be some merit to it. Poor Soles …

Make Money on Google Scams

Image Credit: Barry Schwartz

Even though there have been reports of these worthless “Make Money on Google” ads for some time now, Search Engine Watch recently reported that Google is cracking down on ads they feel may be related to AdWords fraud. Moreover, Google has also reported taking against the account owners too … A thread in Google’s AdWords Help Forum shows evidence that Google is serious and even stated future account termination for violations.

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  • Ash Waechter

    This is a huge problem. I write about this subject all the time. It’s a good thing that there are posts like yours that educate people about these ongoing scams about Google. There are so many of them. These are all pyramid schemes. There are no actual products being shipped and no services delivered.

    Thanks for a great post.