Link Campaign Basics


One of the most important factors to increase a web site's authority and improve visibility, is to obtain in bound links from other web sites. Easy right? Yes … well the concept is anyways. I like to think that a link campaign is similar to walking from one state to the next. It's not hard to understand … but it usually takes quite a long time. So, If we expect to reach our destination, we should plan to take it one step at a time.

An inbound link, is very much like a relationship. As in most social circles, the more popularity you have, the more relationships you usually have. Search engines view and measure the authority of a web site similar to the way our society measures authority ~ through our position in society. In order for a web site to be credited with a position of authority, the site has to have in bound links from sites that are known as authorities.

That out of the way, we should keep in mind that just as with money, power and success, authority is not normally just given away. It must be earned. Next time, we're going to discuss how we are going to plan our long journey to building a web site's authority through a link campaign. Link Campaign Planning

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