Hurricane Ike in Florida Sept 9 08


According to storm tracking predictions at Stormpulse, Hurricane Ike is going to be arriving in South Florida sometime Early in the A.M, Wednesday, September 9th.

Hurricane Ike Live In Florida
Image credit: StormPulse

If you’ve ever been lucky enough see a major hurricane first hand, it’s not something you’ll likely forget anytime soon. Seeing that Ike is slated to be a cat four by the time he arrives to Andros Island, which is less than two hundred miles from Fort Lauderdale, and a category two when he makes land fall, I am going to show him a little respect and get out of his way.

Storm tracking is based on predictions

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  • Roger Slover

    I was stationed inGoose Creek SC when hurricane HUGO went right over the top of us.I could not leave we were in charge of guarding the weapons we were out side when the eye came over checking on dammage.I hope im never in a place like that again.
    The next morning it looked like someone took there finger and pushed trees over in long lines going in all differen’t directions twisting many in to, tornados had run all over one went within a 100 yards of our locatio in the magazine it was crazzy.leave if at all possible don’t wate on ike to see what happens its not worth taking the chance.

  • art

    I live in conroe..i’m staying….see what happens?