Happy July 4th 08 America!


Okay … So I am a real freak for my country. I really love the United States and especially where I live, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (WooHoo). There are few other places that I would truly rather be. It really makes me mad when I hear people that are from other countries talking smack about how they don’t like this or that about America. If it’s so bad, why are they here? I am proud to be an American, and I feel that I owe a great bit of debt to my country for giving me everything that I have today.

I think the number one problem with most people today is a lack of gratitude for what they have. A great deal of the American public has become spoiled by the freedom which has been given to us from those that fought for our country. Maybe if all US citizens had to fight or contribute in some way for their citizenship, they might be a little more appreciative of what they really have here. At any rate, I Love America and it’s with pride I say, Happy Birthday to the U.S.A. That’s it.

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