Google Web Site Penalty Checker with Hyves


Hyves Google Web Site Penalty Checker » As I was perusing through the updates on I saw an interesting post from Search Engine Watch regarding checking whether your web site is penalized or banished from Google by simply adding “hyves.” Before your domain name … IE ( Though it may seem strange … it apparently works. All you have to do is add the name hyves before your domain name and you will get the results …

According to Marcus Tandler, AKA Media Adonis, the resulting PageRank from the addition of the sub-domain will return the result in the form of the following grades on the Google ToolBar PageRank indicator:

  • PR 0 » The site is banned in Google
  • PR 4 » The site has received a Google Penalty
  • PR 7 » The site is okay.

I went ahead and tried my luck at it with my site to see what I could come up with … and luckily I got a PR 7 …You might want to take a look at your site’s condition soon though … once this gets out to the mainstream it’s only a matter of time before the big G gets it offline …

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