Google Hits Record Highs While Competitors Fall


In recent news, there were reports that the incumbent search engine Google, reached record highs (again) for the Month of March 08′, with an incredible 59.8% of the market share. The data was collected from Hitwise and Compete for the US search stats, and clearly shows that Google is stronger than ever. Not like anyone doubted that, but it’s official.

The tale of the tape as far as comscore has it, is as follows:

  • Google » 59.8%
  • Yahoo » 21.3%
  • Microsoft  » 9.4%
  • AOL » 4.8%
  • Ask » 4.7%

Regarding market share versus amount of searches per month …

  • Google » 6.4 billion
  • Yahoo » 2.3 billion
  • Microsoft » 1 billion
  • AOL » 521 million
  • Ask » 503 million

Based on these stats, it’s pretty clear to see that Google, is still the search engine that drives the most traffic.

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