Goodbye MoxyMedia


The MoxyMedia SEO division is officially gone. I have to be honest and tell you that before I decided to start my own company, I really enjoyed working with most of the people over there, and I learned quite a lot too. On Tuesday Oct 7th, I found out the official news when a friend of mine that I trained over there sent me a text message letting me know that all of the employees in the SEO division were let go.
I have since learned that Tsavo media picked up some of MoxyMedia’s assets as well as a search engine optimization firm, Better, Inc. That probably explains why they decided to let the staff over at Moxy go – Tsavo apparently has other plans. However, in reality the writing has been on the well for a long time.
As for the team of folks I enjoyed working with over at Moxy (you know who you are) Good luck and I hope the future brings you much happiness and prosperity. It was an honor working along side you.

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Edward J. Beckett is a passionate software engineer, web developer, server administrator and polyglot programmer with nearly a decade experience building desktop and web applications ranging from simple personal web sites to enterprise level applications on many technology stacks including Java, Java EE, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate, SQL, JPA, JMS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ColdFusion, PHP, Node.js and more...
  • Dave Curtis

    Hey Ed, sorry to hear about your loss. It sure sucks when corporations pull in outsider firms to replace in house departments. That same thing happened to me a while back. The outside firm wined and dined the CFO, took her and the HR director out on their yacht, to the theater and provided them with other perks… the whole nine yards. Of course they billed at a hefty sum per man-hour (which they kept running for months on end without resolution) and finally not too many months after, justice was finally served. A govt. audit showed them clean, but the CFO, CEO and HR director were all canned because, apparently (and I have this from some of my friends who remained behind in other departments) since the coast was clear, a $7,000,000 fund meant to perform upgrades and renovations magically turned into $1,000,000 and they thought nobody would notice. To top it off – before they got canned I took the company to court, sued, and won. I’ll bet the owner didn’t much like that one either because it shows up as precedence the next time another company employee sues.

  • Edward Beckett

    @Tom …

    "It was an honor working along side you." …

    Yeah Tom … I figured you’d have known you were one of em’ …


  • Tom

    I was sad to see you didn’t name the people you missed… Did you see that I finally rank for south florida search engine optimization!