Delicious Changes Page Layout


News travels fast on Twitter, and while I was checking out my updates, I saw that Delicious has changed their domain name from to the dot com I don’t typically like change too much, but I think it will definitely help the site attract more visitors transferring over to the simpler name. I can’t even count the amount of people that I tried to get started with delicious bookmarks that were completely confused with

Changing the domain name wasn’t what really stood out the most for me though. When I browsed over to my delicious bookmarks page to see the new name in my browser, I noticed that they completely changed the layout too.

New Layout for Delicious

Now I do a lot of bookmarking in delicious, but I usually don’t go to the actual page that much since I have delicious bookmarks for Firefox installed – I just do all my bookmarking from the browser and don’t actually go see the site.

The first thing I like about the new page design is the much simpler and probably more effective style of managing the bookmarks. With over 1800 bookmarks … it gets really tough to handle the hundreds of different tags and bundles I’ve placed them all in.

That’s It.

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