ColdFusion Components and OO Java – Closely Related – Not the Same


Recently I have been reviewing ColdFusion 8 – Beyond the Basics by David Gassner and I have ventured into the world of ColdFusion Components (CFC's). I am starting to get a better understanding of how ColdFusion, or CFML Pages, are processed in the JRun server and how CFC's relate somewhat to Object Oriented Java. First of all I had to find out that the CFML alone is not related to Java. However, there is an ability in ColdFusion to integrate in a hybrid environment with Java through the use of CFC's.

Since I am very new to CFC's, I will not attempt to explain the complex architecture that is involved in relating ColdFusion to Java, but rather what it is that I came to realize from the Beyond the Basics series and by doing a little research on CFC's and Java. [More]

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