ColdFusion CFC Problem Solved


In my last post, I was ranting about a frustrating situation with CFC’s on shared hosting over at HostMySite. Several months ago, I installed a rather cool CFC that only had a life span of three days – it worked fine – then all of a sudden – it stopped working.

A few weeks ago the same scenario took place – I installed a component on another one of my CF sites. It ran fine for three weeks and the all of a sudden – it stopped working.

After many hours of confusion with the guys over at HostMySite, it turns out that occasionally during server resets the security permissions are changed. I really don’t know whether there’s someone to blame for it, but at least I know the why of it if not the how.

So, if you have a CF site on shared hosting over at HMS and find your CFC’s stop working and your pretty certain that they should be, make sure to take a look at the security settings – That’s it.

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