Wheres The Damned ColdFusion Component?


Okay, So I might be a bit frustrated here … I have had ongoing issues with CFC’s at HostMySite, and I can’t for the life of me find the root cause to my dilemma. If someone could give me a clue … I would really appreciate it. My problem follows …

I have shared hosting accounts with HostMySite for my CF sites. A few months back I attempted to work with the CFlickr CFC on my site.. However, after a few days of being in operation, I started to receive errors stating that …

” The value of the Function Foo is not of type components.someComponent…”

After working with tech support for a few days, our first guess was that there was a mapping issue with the CFC, and that we just needed to update the mappings … after checking the mappings several times, reinstalling the component several times, and having support finally tell me that “there must be something wrong with the code”, I abandoned the project feeling a bit … beaten.

Recently I created a feed aggregator based on the same code from ColdFusionBloggers … For several weeks the site ran fine … no problems. But recently, I tried to login to the admin area … and I started to receive errors by email that were strikingly similar to the errors I had with the CFlikr CFC. This time I’m getting …

” The value returned from the getComponent function is not of type components.entries “

So, I contacted tech support, only to hear the familiar lines … “We’ll create a ticket … and call you when we know something … ” Which usually means I’ll have to figure it out for myself. Now, I don’t quite understand why a component would just stop working without any changes to it … but I’m starting to think that this issue is not something that I caused. If there’s a CFer out there that has had a similar experience and found a solution … could you please throw me a rope?

That’s it.

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  • OTS

    I have seen the second error ("the value returned from the getComponent…) before and in my case it was because of the bug in the code. I did not handle a unique scenario and the query inside a function failed, causing the function to return something else instead of the desired component.variable.

    Do you have a try/catch in the getComponent method?. If yes, you can try dumping the return variable and email it.