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I went down to Miami with my good friend Mark from A List SEO to BarCamp Miami … I didn't have tickets to the show I really wanted to be at, the Future of Web Apps, So I figured that at least I could hang out and get to meet some people at BarCamp.

Well, meet people I did … and a lot of them. I was lucky enough to hang out and eat dinner with Larry Masters, the master mind behind the CakePHP framework. From our talks, I am definitely going to be checking out how I can start reaping the rewards of CakePHP as a rapid application development Framework.

Some of the other great guys that I spoke with were Kevin Marks, a developer advocate from Google … Edgar Caballero, the senior technology consultant from Altra-App … Jason Baptiste, CEO of Publictivity … David Di Cillo, web and print designer with ThirtyNine … Gary Schulthesis, & Craig Agranoff from Vois … Sunir Shah from FreshBooks … Eamon O'Connor from Refraction Films … Onajide Shabakaka from the Miami Art Exchange … and many more …

So, from what I thought was going to be a nice get away turned out to be a networking home run … some of these guys are making really big moves in the development community … most notably, is Larry … if that guys team works on a web application … you are almost guaranteed that it's going to be rock solid.

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