BlogCFC ColdFish Code Block Print Function Update

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Normally I pay quite a bit of attention to my site after I do any major updates or changes but I’ve been quite a slacker lately and I seemed to have missed a few issues that happened after I updated my blog core … Bad me.

Something interesting that I truly thought would be an isolated incident – and my problem – actually wasn’t. It seems that there was a bug where Gecko based browsers – Firefox – don’t seem to like the window.frames[] syntax … So, for those that are using BlogCFC and want to be able to print code blocks from Firefox … You may need to update the formatter.cfc with the new syntax … Here’s the link for the formatter.cfc … on RIAForge … or you can simply copy the update from here …

** UPDATED ** Though I’m not running CF anymore there’s been a lot of changes to the ColdFish Code so I’ve updated the source to be up to date as of 8/1/14.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Ray Camden & Jason Delmore for their prompt replies and expeditious changes … Much Appreciated.