I was recently asked by an associate of mine to deploy a Spring application to a CentOS server running cPanel/WHM and Apache. As this build requirement is not entirely obvious I thought I’d share the experience as a simple how-to guide. Note, this is simply a how-to… not a best-practices guide so if you require […]


Java Getting a Primitive Data Types Wrapper Class

by Edward on November 13, 2014

Like many working developers, I find myself scouring threads on StackOverflow to find solutions for problems at many levels. While searching through posts a few days ago I found an interesting question asking how one could get the wrapper class for a primitive data type in Java. At first this question seemed a bit… stupid. If you defined the variable […]


Converting Numbers to Different Bases in Java

by Edward on October 24, 2014

I recently saw a question on StackOverflow on how to convert a decimal number into a different base radix in Java. Java natively handles this using Integer.parseInt(String, int). Internally, this operation works by first doing some input validation and then converts each character (Unicode code point) of the string’s value to the desired radix. The conversion happens on […]

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Here’s a quick tip for those who are still using WordPress Thesis 1.8.5. I wanted to add featured thumbnails to the main blog’s post page but wasn’t too interested in have the same thumbnail show up on the destination page… I just wanted to spruce up the presentation of the main posts page. I figured […]


The Successful Web Developer

by Edward on June 3, 2014

First off let me start by saying that I don’t consider myself a ‘Successful Web Developer.’ Though on occasion I’ve had the privilege of finding some level of success, I can’t recall ever feeling satisfied with my level of career achievement either personally or professionally. Yet, success is subjective – what may be a major […]


Its The New Style – EJB Reloaded

by Edward on February 21, 2013

t took me a few years to get around to it, but I’ve finally redesigned my site. Honestly, it took a bit longer than it should as I tend to work on fixing stuff more than not. The new design is a complete rebuild; hosting, platform, pages – everything. I decided to use WordPress as […]


A couple months ago I decided to take the leap into actually installing and running a Linux machine. After a couple of failed installs, I managed to format a disk and install my new favorite distro … Debian installed. Coming from a Windoze environment there were a lot of hurdles to overcome just to figure […]


Normally I pay quite a bit of attention to my site after I do any major updates or changes but I’ve been quite a slacker lately and I seemed to have missed a few issues that happened after I updated my blog core … Bad me. Something interesting that I truly thought would be an […]


The first thing you need to know about getting top rankings in Google is that you need to have quality content – so when you get Google's traffic you can actually generate business from it – then you need Inbound Links to get you to the first position. So, for those of you that just […]


Link Building Articles for Link Builders

by Edward on February 23, 2011

The title, Link Building Articles for Link Builders, pretty much says exactly what it should. Over the past few years I’ve collected some of the most influential articles available  you feel that you can contribute to the list leave me a comment and I’ll check it out … A Linking Campaign Primer Backlinks: The Beginner’s […]